updated May 12, 2016

Nightly in New York City

Check the lineup at Comedy Cellar

July 14-17 Atlanta, GA


July 27-29 Montreal, QC

Just For Laughs

August 4-6 Omaha, NE

Funny Bone

August 13 Coronado Springs, FL

Corporate Event

September 17 Safford, AZ

Safford Center for the Arts

September 9-10 Ogden, UT


September 20 Nashville, TN

Corporate Event

September 22-25 Scottsdale, AZ

Stand Up Scottsdale

October 16 Phoenix, AZ

Corporate Event

October 28-29 Arlrington, VA

Arlington Draft House

November 3-6 Chicago, IL


December 10 Salt Lake City, UT

Corporate Event